Travel Back to Your Roots

Travel Back to Your Roots, released in January 2017 is now available in print and an ebook version. This new book will inspire both beginning genealogists and those more experienced who seek to find their ancestors who immigrated from Europe. The ultimate goal is to prepare the reader to travel to their ancestral homelands and hopefully uncover living family members.

The author guides the readers in the first chapters through Genealogy 101 in the United States records before jumping over the pond to the many and varied records available in Europe.  Many of these records are online and can be interpreted with free, easily accessible guides. This easy to use book is a comprehensive resource filled with suggestions the author used to travel back to her Polish and Swedish roots. Donna shares experiences from her two recent trips to meet family members and hopes to inspire the reader to do the same!

For those trying to find their Polish roots, Travel Back to Your Polish Roots will help you with the slightly more challenging endeavor of searching in Poland. This book was released in late 2018 and can be found on Amazon.

Travel Back to Your Polish Roots

Don’t worry if you know very little about your ancestors, can’t speak your ancestor’s language, or are the “document poor” descendant. That’s exactly where Donna was in 2012 when she started this journey!