More on Anna Grabiec and Stacia Grabiec


Anna Grabiec

Progress on Anna and Stacia’s lives has been dramatic in the past few days. I’ve spoken with the daughter of the American pilot who ended up with the “Amazing Undelivered Letter, ” and she is so excited about the interest that has been generated.  We will be working collaboratively, and even more information will be forthcoming!


I believe this is Anna with her students at their first communion in 1953.


Although I have no translation, I believe we can imagine this is Anna and Stacia with their brother at harvest time. The artist is a Grabiec and the print is on the wall at the Hupka Manor House in Niwiska

Also, Anna’s niece has been in contact with me and provided these family photos.  Her mother was Stacia


Anna Grabiec with a wagon of potatoes in Poland.


Grave of Anna Grabiec and her husband, Wladyslaw Grabiec.

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