The Dec 28, 1944 Letter from Anna Grabiec

The following is the translated letter written by Anna Grabiec to her Aunt and Uncle, Anna and Leon Lipowski from Cleveland, Ohio.  Please see the article that tells the story of this amazing letter that was never delivered. Also, if you know the descendants of the Lipowski’s, please send this information to them so that I can contact them.

28 Dec, 1944

Dear Aunt and Uncle,

How is everyone at home? In the beginning of my letter my first words are of the wonderful American Air Force. We have heard that they are taking the letters written us to the people we are writing to in America.

We have been under the German government for the past four years and have suffered many hardships.  We have been living in the suburbs of the town (______) that was near the borderland. * When the Soviet Armies came we returned to our father’s old home, which was very run down. The Germans were there and ruined everything but we thank God that we have something to come back to at least we are now in our backyard. Thank God we are in the best of health except Stanley whom the Germans had to take with them and that was during the last days of the war where people were returning from the war. The people who were working for the Germans in Krakow were promised to be taken care of so we do not know what happened. Everything came to a standstill when the armies came.

Dad and I were taken also as prisoners but had escaped and mother is so worried she just sits and cries day and night. Helen married on the 25th of Dec and we heard her husband might go to the Polish army. Jennie is going to school and is even learning a little about the American language. At Grandma’s everything is changed. Also Aunt Rosie has married and John is on a farm and has to milk cows. Frank has also married.

Grandma has passed away and so did John. Ziggy is in Germany. What we went through I will not even begin to write it here for you know well as I do what we went through. We are now hoping for the best. We were wondering if your boys have gone into the army. Is Edwin in the air force for we often talk about it. Is Michael in the army? If it is possible will you please write and send something for us to wear? Now we are sending our regards, love and kisses to Aunt and Uncle.

Your loving family Grabiec

*  The name of the town was left blank in the letter but I believe it was somewhere near Pustkow, Poland.  I am writing a historical novel about this time period in Niwiska and all the details will be included.