History of Niwiska, Blizna, WW2 in Poland and Anna Grabiec and her letters

The History of Niwiska and Anna Grabiec’s Letters have a been a labor of love. Niwiska, which is my grandparents’ home village in Poland is also Anna’s and many of her ancestors. Most of the articles and letters on these pages came from the family history book titled “The Michael Grabiec Family.”  written and published by Larry Bender. I was reading the book in more detail this past January, and the importance of its contents and history compelled me to call Larry and ask his permission to copy some of the information to my website.  Larry was very enthusiastic in his permission and said: “You have my permission to do whatever you want with the book.” Larry and I share a love of our Niwiska families so he knew he could trust me as his precious book is out of print.

Anna Grabiec’s sweetness radiates from her letters showing her kindness and what a remarkable and accomplished woman she was.  I plan on using her as one of the main characters in the last book of an upcoming historical fiction series that will be set in Niwiska from 1840 to 1945.

If you are a family member or someone who has important historical information to share, please go to my contact page. I would love to hear from you.