Stary Kleparz Market- The Place Krakovians Shop!


In Krakow, there’s only one place to buy your fresh produce, meats and dairy products: Stary Kleparz! Founded in the mid-fourteenth century, it is the oldest continuously operating marketplace in Krakow.

Stary Kleparz was once the market square of Kleparz, a separate city from Krakow. The name Kleparz is derived from the word “klepać” which means “to bargain.” You can still negotiate the price today, just like the merchants did over seven centuries ago, that is if you can speak Polish!

Stary Kleparz in the 1800″s

In the communist era when Poland was behind the Iron Curtain, Stary Kleparz was the center of Krakow’s underground black market economy. The Polish people could come to Stary Kleparz to find food, household items, and clothes that were not available in stores. Use your imagination to consider how the locals once managed to survive under the Soviet economy with food shortages and outrageous prices.

Stary Kleparz enjoys a great location and is accessible to people from all neighborhoods.  Customers can find traditional Polish food, fresh vegetables and fruits, flowers, bakery and bread, clothing, household items, as well as specialties from around the world. 

The place attracts locals and tourists with its unique atmosphere and eye-catching selection of products. With its many stands, Stary Kleparz offers a unique shopping experience combining tradition with modernity. It even has wireless interact access throughout the market!

The English speaking tourist will have no difficulties purchasing items. Find a food item you are interested in purchasing and observe the locals. Most of the sellers speak only Polish and will write out the total of your purchase, so you know how many zlotys to give them. For example, we wanted strawberries and wondered “Is it self-service or does the seller place the strawberries in the basket?” We watched others and just pointed to the size basket (approx. quart size), and the merchant poured in the berries and weighed them. Easy Peasy!


Wander through the marketplace to get a real taste of how the locals shop. Stary Kleparz is open Monday thru Friday from 6.00 -18.00, Saturday. 6.00 -16.00, and Sunday 8.00 -15.00.  


Stary Kleparz is located at Rynek Kleparski 20, 31-150 Kraków, Poland, just a short walk from Krakow Glowny and the Planty.